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All Surgical brings collaborative minds together, for optimal patient care.

By focusing primarily on the disciplines of a surgical technologist, All Surgical is able to yield top-tier quality professionals.

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The Benefits of What We Do

All Surgical connects you with qualified technicians that can help you fill vital roles within your organization so that you can get back to providing the best level of care for your patients.

We offer a variety of techs with skills sets that can meet any facilities needs.

All Surgical can provide you with the perfect tech that can help fill vital roles in your organization without having to go through the process yourself.

We work closely with candidates in providing inservices and work shops for continued education.

We pride ourselves on continuing to educate our techs with training that increases their skill sets in the workplace and helps them be better workers.

In addition to providing training, candidates also undergo a higher level of screening.

We screen candidates with the latest techniques to ensure they are qualified and that your organization is protected from any problems.

Research has shown that using the best quality candidates results in quality patient care.

By utilizing the best workers the quality of care for your patients can be the number one priority of your organization.

Trust in All Surgical

Our proven track record for bringing the best-qualified professionals to your organization is what makes us your best option.
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Meet The Owner

Edward Marroquin, CST & CEO

• NBSTSA Certified Surgical Technologist
• Association of Surgical Technologists Member
• Redlands Chamber of Commerce Member

As the All Surgical CEO, Edward Marroquin got his start as a surgical technologist in 2010. From traveling to countless facilities, scrubbing an array of complex surgical procedures, to coordinating whole operating rooms. Edward has grown to be adept and flexible in many health care settings in and out of the operating room. While being out on assignment and sometimes being the “new guy” several times a month, gave him the experience to understand not every facility is one and the same. In fact, every facility faces their own set of obstacles, whether it’s staffing or specifically the surgical services provided. Being the “new guy” was nothing new, but having the flexibility and understanding the dynamics of the whole operation gave Edward an edge to becoming vital in producing positive results.

Continued Education

Not only do we provide the best qualified candidates, we also provide continued educational opportunities to help our candidates succeed in the workplace.

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