All Surgical brings collaborative minds together, for optimal patient care.

By focusing primarily on the disciplines of the Surgical Technologist and using our interactive platform, All Surgical is able to yield top-tier quality professionals.

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The Benefits of What We Do

All Surgical connects you with qualified technicians that can help you fill vital roles within your organization so that you can get back to providing the best level of care for your patients.

The online platform exclusively for the Surgical Technologist.

All Surgical’s priority focus is providing an interactive platform for Surgical Techs of all calibers to perform essential professional services on behalf of healthcare organizations. The 1st Surgical Tech Platform created by Surgical Techs for Surgical Techs!

Be your own boss on the All Surgical platform.

Be in control of your next move! You can choose when and where you want to work by cutting out the middle man like staffing agencies. On the interactive platform you can use the All Surgical “Scalpel System” by having your experience and expertise speak on your behalf when negotiating your rate with facilities!

We offer a variety of Surgical Techs with skills sets that can meet any facilities needs.

All Surgical can provide you with the perfect tech that can help fill assignments in your organization without having to go through the process yourself. When facilities utilize the the All Surgical “Scalpel System” facilities have the ability to seek the right tech for the assignment. Facilities never have to worry about being locked into a fixed rate, you can set your rate based off your budget and requirements for each individual request.

Research has shown that using the best quality candidates results in quality patient care.

Get Back to what matters the most, patient care! By utilizing the best personnel, the quality of care for your patients can be the number one priority.  Bypass the efforts of finding the right tech for the budget that fits your facility, by customizing you job postings accordingly on our interactive platform.

Trust in All Surgical

Our proven track record for bringing the best-qualified professionals to your organization is what makes us your best option.
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Convenience & Flexibility

Surgical Techs are in control of when and how often they want to work while Facilities can find the right Tech for the right rate.

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